The vines stretch and grow
threatening to run rampant
we drink with our friends.

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The vineyard and house Red
Plane Vineyard
Vineyard 2 Vineyard 3
3 Vineyard, looking North
Vineyard, looking South Moses


Videos & Multimedia

The Parallel Winos visit White Heron Cellars
Part one:

Part two:

The Quichua Mashis playing at the 2008 TomatoFare:
(there are a total of eight clips available on YouTube from the 2008 TomatoFare)

Videos from the 2009 TomatoFare begin here (there are five total parts), and Cameron appears in this video from the 2010 TomatoFare West, while
videos from the 2010 TomatoFare East can be found here, here, and here.


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